The JSON schema is defined by: json-schema.org, specifically draft-07. Only features listed here are currently supported.

Field Type Description
$schema STRING See: The "$schema" Keyword
$id STRING See: The "$id" Keyword
$ref STRING See: Direct References with "$ref"
type Type See: Instance Data Model
items JsonSchema
properties MAP<STRING,JsonSchema> See: properties
title STRING See: title
description STRING See: description
allOf ARRAY<JsonSchema> Use allOf to 'extend' or 'implement' one or more schemas. See: allOf
anyOf ARRAY<JsonSchema> See: anyOf
oneOf ARRAY<JsonSchema> See: oneOf
not JsonSchema
format STRING See: Defined Formats
definitions MAP<STRING,JsonSchema> In an effor to support draft-07 implementations, we are using 'definitions' instead of '$defs'. See: Appendix A
enum ARRAY<OBJECT> See: enum
const OBJECT See: const
source STRING Used to indicate that this schema is derived from another object/schema. The value should be a URL reference to the original work. The 'source' is solely descriptive and should have no impact on validation.
required ARRAY<STRING> See: required
maxLength INTEGER See: maxLength
minLength INTEGER See: minLength
pattern STRING See: pattern
if JsonSchema
then JsonSchema
else JsonSchema
maximum INTEGER See: maximum
minimum INTEGER See: minimum
default OBJECT See: default
contains JsonSchema
additionalProperties JsonSchema