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An AsynchronousRequestBody to mint or modify DOIs.

Field Type Description
concreteType STRING
doi Doi JSON schema for fields associated with a DOI and its metadata. This object contains fields from both DoiAssociation and DataciteMetadata.
To mint a DOI, the following fields are required:
  • Information that uniquely identifies an object in Synapse
    • The object ID (e.g. "syn12345")
    • The object type (Note: as of this writing, only ENTITY is supported)
    • The version number of the object (Optional. A "null" version will mint a DOI that will point to the most recent version of the object, even if the object changes)
    • An eTag (Necessary when updating an existing DOI)
  • Additional supplementary information to mint a DOI
    • Creator(s)
    • Title(s)
    • The general resource type
    • A publication year (no later than one year after the current year)

For more information, see the DoiAssociation and DataciteMetadata objects.