JSON schema for fields associated with a DOI and its metadata. This object contains fields from both DoiAssociation and DataciteMetadata.
To mint a DOI, the following fields are required:

  • Information that uniquely identifies an object in Synapse
    • The object ID (e.g. "syn12345")
    • The object type (Note: as of this writing, only ENTITY is supported)
    • The version number of the object (Optional. A "null" version will mint a DOI that will point to the most recent version of the object, even if the object changes)
    • An eTag (Necessary when updating an existing DOI)
  • Additional supplementary information to mint a DOI
    • Creator(s)
    • Title(s)
    • The general resource type
    • A publication year (no later than one year after the current year)

For more information, see the DoiAssociation and DataciteMetadata objects.

Field Type Description
creators ARRAY<DoiCreator> Required. The main researchers involved in producing the data, or the authors of the publication, in priority order.
titles ARRAY<DoiTitle> Required. A name or title by which a resource is known.
publicationYear INTEGER Required. The year that this resource became publicly accessible. Must be in YYYY format.
resourceType DoiResourceType Required. Describes the type of media that the DOI Metadata refers to.
associationId STRING The unique ID of this DOI stored in Synapse. Provided by Synapse.
etag STRING For Optimistic Concurrency Control (OCC). Required to successfully update a DOI.
doiUri STRING The unique URI of this DOI to which the resource can be resolved. Provided by Synapse.
doiUrl STRING The DOI URL that will point to the Synapse object. Provided by Synapse.
objectId STRING Required. The ID of the digital object in Synapse for which this DOI is created.
objectType ObjectType JSON enum for the types of objects in Synapse.
objectVersion INTEGER Optional. The version of the digital object. When null, the DOI is associated with the current version of the object.
associatedBy STRING The ID of the user that creates this DOI. Provided by Synapse.
associatedOn STRING The date time this DOI is first created. Provided by Synapse.
updatedBy STRING The ID of the user that last updated this DOI. Provided by Synapse.
updatedOn STRING The date time this DOI is last updated. Provided by Synapse.