User info submitted for verification by Synapse ACT

Field Type Description
id STRING The ID of this object
createdOn STRING The date and time this object was created
createdBy STRING The principal ID of the user requesting verification
firstName STRING This person's given name (forename)
lastName STRING This person's family name (surname)
emails ARRAY<STRING> The list of user email addresses registered to this user.
notificationEmail STRING The primary (notification) email address registered to this user.
location STRING This person's location
company STRING This person's current affiliation
orcid STRING The user's ORCID URI
stateHistory ARRAY<VerificationState> List of state changes the submission has passed through, ordered by time. The last in the list contains the current state of the submission.
attachments ARRAY<AttachmentMetadata> Metadata of Files attached to the submission. The list will be emptied after the state is APPROVED or REJECTED.