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An AsynchronousRequestBody to used make multiple changes to a table or view as a single 'transaction'. All changes will either succeed or fail as a unit.

Field Type Description
concreteType STRING
entityId STRING
changes ARRAY<TableUpdateRequest> List of changes that describes schema and/or row changes to a table. For a view the changes are eventually consistent.
createSnapshot BOOLEAN When set to 'true', a snapshot of the table or view will be created and a new version of the entity will be persisted. For a table the snapshot is created after any change from this transaction request are applied to the table. Views do not support changes in the request when a snapshot is created.
snapshotOptions SnapshotRequest Request to create a new snapshot of a table or view. The provided comment, label, and activity ID will be applied to the current version thereby creating a snapshot and locking the current version. After the snapshot is created a new version will be started with an 'in-progress' label.