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A CSV table download request.

Field Type Description
concreteType STRING
entityId STRING
writeHeader BOOLEAN Should the first line contain the columns names as a header in the resulting file? Set to 'true' to include the headers else, 'false'. The default value is 'true'.
includeRowIdAndRowVersion BOOLEAN Should the first two columns contain the row ID and row version? The default value is 'true'.
csvTableDescriptor CsvTableDescriptor The description of a csv for upload or download.
fileName STRING The optional name for the downloaded table.
sql STRING The SQL query string.
additionalFilters ARRAY<QueryFilter> Appends additional filters to the SQL query. These are applied before facets. Filters within the list have an AND relationship. If a WHERE clause already exists on the SQL query or facets are selected, it will also be ANDed with the query generated by these additional filters.
selectedFacets ARRAY<FacetColumnRequest> The selected facet filters.
includeEntityEtag BOOLEAN Optional, default false. When true, a query results against views will include the Etag of each entity in the results. Note: The etag is necessary to update Entities in the view.
selectFileColumn INTEGER The id of the column used to select file entities (e.g. to fetch the action required for download). The column needs to be an ENTITYID type column and be part of the schema of the underlying table/view.
offset INTEGER The optional offset into the results
limit INTEGER The optional limit to the results
sort ARRAY<SortItem>