JSON schema for a search query.

Field Type Description
queryTerm ARRAY<STRING> The free text search terms. This will search the name of the Entity and its Wiki contents
booleanQuery ARRAY<KeyValue> One or more key-value pairs that define a boolean search. Multiple expressions are joined with a top-level AND. Key is the facet field name, value is the facet value.
rangeQuery ARRAY<KeyRange> One or more key-value-range filters that filter values of a key based on the specified range where min<=value<=max. Multiple expressions are joined with a top-level AND.
facetOptions ARRAY<SearchFacetOption> Specify which fields should be returned as facets and the format of the results for each field
returnFields ARRAY<STRING> Specifies the document fields to include in the response. By default, only the document ids of the hits are returned.
start INTEGER The zero-based number of the first hit returned in this page of search results.
size INTEGER The maximum rumber of search hits to return. The default is 10