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Results of validating an object against a schema

Field Type Description
objectId STRING The identifier of the object that was validated.
objectType ObjectType Type types of Synapse objects that can have a JSON schema.
objectEtag STRING The etag of the object at the time of validation. Note: If this etag does not match the current etag of the object then these validation results should be considered out of date.
schema$id STRING The $id of the schema that the object was validated against.
isValid BOOLEAN True if the object is currently valid according to the schema.
validatedOn STRING The date-time this object was validated
validationErrorMessage STRING If the object is not valid according to the schema, a simple one line error message will be provided.
allValidationMessages ARRAY<STRING> If the object is not valid according to the schema, a the flat list of error messages will be provided with one error message per sub-schema.
validationException ValidationException A recursive ValidationException that describes all schema violations for an entire schema tree.