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A storage location that uses a HTTPS proxy for all upload and download operations.

Field Type Description
concreteType STRING Indicates which implementation this object represents.
storageLocationId INTEGER The unique ID for this storage location
uploadType UploadType The enumeration of possible upload types.
banner STRING The banner text to display to a user every time a file is uploaded. This field is optional.
description STRING A description of the storage location. This description is shown when a user has to choose which upload destination to use.
etag STRING Synapse employs an Optimistic Concurrency Control (OCC) scheme to handle concurrent updates. Since the E-Tag changes every time a Project Setting is updated it is used to detect when a client's current representation of a Project Setting is out-of-date.
createdOn STRING The date this storage location setting was created.
createdBy INTEGER The ID of the user that created this storage location setting.
proxyUrl STRING The HTTPS URL of the proxy used for upload and download.
secretKey STRING The encryption key used to sign all pre-signed URLs used to communicate with the proxy.
benefactorId STRING By default, only the creator of a ProxyStorageLocationSettings can use its storage location ID to create ProxyFileHandles. When this field is set with an Entity ID (such as a Project ID), any user with the 'create' permission on the given benefactorId will be allowed to create ProxyFileHandle using its storage location ID.