Content of an authorization request

Field Type Description
clientId STRING ID of the client requesting authorization
scope STRING space-separated list of scopes
claims OIDCClaimsRequest Stores OIDC claims and details in accordance with OIDC Core 1.0 Claims Request. The keys used in these maps are OIDCClaimNames
responseType OAuthResponseType The OAuth 2.0 response types supported by Synapse
redirectUri STRING URI to which the user agent is to be redirected
nonce STRING Optional value used to associate a Client session with an ID Token, and to mitigate replay attacks. The value is passed through unmodified from the Authorization Request to the ID Token.
userId STRING ID of the user approving this request (set by server)
authenticatedAt STRING Timestamp marking when approving user was authenticated (set by server)
authorizedAt STRING Timestamp marking when authorization was approved (set by server)