OAuth 2.0 refresh token metadata. Note that the token itself may not be retrieved after it is issued to a client.

Field Type Description
tokenId STRING The unique ID for this refresh token.
clientId STRING The unique ID for the OAuth client that may utilize this token.
principalId STRING The unique ID for the user whose resources can be accessed with this token.
name STRING A human-readable identifier for the token.
scopes ARRAY<OAuthScope> An array containing each scope that this refresh token grants access to.
claims OIDCClaimsRequest Stores OIDC claims and details in accordance with OIDC Core 1.0 Claims Request. The keys used in these maps are OIDCClaimNames
authorizedOn STRING The date this refresh token was initially issued.
lastUsed STRING The date this refresh token was last used by the client to issue a new access token.
modifiedOn STRING The date this refresh token metadata was last modified.
etag STRING Synapse employs an Optimistic Concurrency Control (OCC) scheme to handle concurrent updates. Since the E-Tag changes every time a client is updated it is used to detect when a client's current representation of an entity is out-of-date.