An S3FileHandle represents a file stored in AWS S3.

Field Type Description
id STRING The ID of this FileHandle. All references to this FileHandle will use this ID. Synapse will generate this ID when the FileHandle is created.
etag STRING FileHandles are immutable from the perspective of the API. The only field that can be change is the previewId. When a new previewId is set, the etag will change.
createdBy STRING The ID Of the user that created this file.
createdOn STRING The date when this file was uploaded.
modifiedOn STRING The date when the file was modified. This is handled by the backend and cannot be modified.
concreteType STRING This is used to indicate the implementation of this interface. For example, an S3FileHandle should be set to: org.sagebionetworks.repo.model.file.S3FileHandle
contentType STRING Must be: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_media_type
contentMd5 STRING The file's content MD5.
fileName STRING The short, user visible name for this file.
storageLocationId INTEGER The optional storage location descriptor
contentSize INTEGER The size of the file in bytes.
status FileHandleStatus The status of the file handle as computed by the backend. This value cannot be changed, any file handle that is not AVAILABLE should not be used.
bucketName STRING The name of the bucket where this file resides
key STRING The path or resource name for this object
previewId STRING If this file has a preview, then this will be the file ID of the preview.
isPreview BOOLEAN Whether or not this is a preview of another file