Describes the status of a multi-part file upload.

Field Type Description
uploadId STRING The unique identifier of a multi-part file upload.
startedBy STRING The id of the user that started this multi-part file upload.
startedOn STRING The date and time this upload was first initiated.
updatedOn STRING The date and time this upload was last updated.
partsState STRING A binary representation of the upload status of all parts comprising the file to be uploaded. A part that has been 'added' will have a state of '1', while a part that is 'missing' will have a state = '0'. For example, a two part file for which the first part has been added but the second part is missing would have a partState='10'.
state MultipartUploadState The state of this file upload.
resultFileHandleId STRING After a multi-part file upload is completed, a file handle will be created to represent the resulting file with this ID. This value will be null until the multi-part file upload state transitions to COMPLETED