MultipartRequest <INTERFACE>


Interface to describe a multi-part request. If the concrete type is not supplied will default to a MultipartUploadRequest

Known Implementations:
Field Type Description
concreteType STRING Indicates which type of multi-part request to initiate. Currently supports MultipartUploadRequest and MultipartUploadCopyRequest
partSizeBytes INTEGER In order to upload or copy a file, the client must split the process into 'parts' and upload or copy each part separately. This indicates the clients intended part size in bytes. Part size must be at least 5,242,880 bytes (5MB) with a max of 5,368,709,120 bytes (5GB). Also the maximum number of parts for a single file is 10K.
fileName STRING The name of the file to be uploaded.
storageLocationId INTEGER The identifier of the storage location where this file should be stored.
generatePreview BOOLEAN Optional parameter. When set to 'false' a preview will not be generated for the resulting file.