Specifies what fields to include in an EntityBundle

Field Type Description
includeEntity BOOLEAN Include the Entity in the response.
includeAnnotations BOOLEAN Include Annotations associated with the Entity in the response.
includePermissions BOOLEAN Include permissions of the current user on the entity.
includeEntityPath BOOLEAN Include EntityHeaders for all Entities in this Entity's path
includeHasChildren BOOLEAN Include boolean indicating whether this Entity has children
includeAccessControlList BOOLEAN Include the AccessControlList for this Entity
includeFileHandles BOOLEAN Include all FileHandles associated with this Entity.
includeTableBundle BOOLEAN If the Entity is a TableEntity, include Table specific metadata.
includeRootWikiId BOOLEAN Include the id of the root Wiki associated with this Entity
includeBenefactorACL BOOLEAN Include the ACL of the Entity from which this Entity inherits its AccessControlList
includeDOIAssociation BOOLEAN Include DOIs associated with this Entity
includeFileName BOOLEAN If this Entity is a FileEntity, include its filename
includeThreadCount BOOLEAN Include the number of discussion threads that mention this Entity
includeRestrictionInformation BOOLEAN Include the RestrictionLevel of this Entity