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The drs object metadata, Currently supported type is blob(DrsObject without contents array) and bundle(DrsObject with contents array).

Field Type Description
id STRING An identifier unique to this DrsObject.A drs object id should be Synapse id with version which makes it immutable e.g syn32132536.1
name STRING A string that can be used to name a DrsObject. This string is made up of uppercase and lowercase letters, decimal digits, hypen, period, and underscore [A-Za-z0-9.-_].
self_uri STRING Drs self uri is drs:/// and can be used by clients to store and pass around.
size INTEGER For blobs, the blob size in bytes. For bundles, the cumulative size, in bytes, of items in the contents field.
created_time STRING Timestamp of object creation in RFC3339.
updated_time STRING Timestamp of object updated in RFC3339.
version STRING Version of drs object.
mime_type STRING The mime-type of the drs object. Must be: Internet_media_type
checksums ARRAY<Checksum> The hex-string encoded checksum for the drs object. At least one checksum must be provided. For blobs, the checksum is computed over the bytes in the blob that is md5. For bundles, the checksum is computed over a sorted concatenation of the checksums of its top-level contained objects.
contents ARRAY<Content> For blob there is no contents and for bundle its list of object inside the bundle.
access_methods ARRAY<AccessMethod> The list of access methods that can be used to fetch the DrsObject. Required for single blobs and bundles have no access method.
description STRING A readable description of the DrsObject.