JSON schema for UserProfile POJO

Field Type Description
ownerId STRING A foreign key to the ID of the 'principal' object for the user.
etag STRING Synapse employs an Optimistic Concurrency Control (OCC) scheme to handle concurrent updates. Since the E-Tag changes every time an entity is updated it is used to detect when a client's current representation of an entity is out-of-date.
firstName STRING This person's given name (forename)
lastName STRING This person's family name (surname)
email STRING This is deprecated as users can have more than one email. See emails
emails ARRAY<STRING> The list of user email addresses registered to this user.
openIds ARRAY<STRING> The list of OpenIds bound to this user's account.
userName STRING A name chosen by the user that uniquely identifies them.
displayName STRING This field is deprecated and will always be null.
rStudioUrl STRING URL for RStudio server assigned to the user
summary STRING A summary description about this person
position STRING This person's current position title
location STRING This person's location
industry STRING The industry/discipline that this person is associated with
company STRING This person's current affiliation
profilePicureFileHandleId STRING The File Handle id of the user's profile picture
url STRING A link to more information about this person
teamName STRING This person's default team name
notificationSettings Settings Contains a user's notification settings
preferences SET<UserPreference>
createdOn STRING The date this profile was created.