The permission a User has for a given Evaluation

Field Type Description
canChangePermissions BOOLEAN Can the user change the permissions of this evaluation?
canView BOOLEAN Can the user view this evaluation?
canPublicRead BOOLEAN Is this evaluation considered public?
canEdit BOOLEAN Can the user edit this evaluation?
canDelete BOOLEAN Can the user delete this evaluation?
canParticipate BOOLEAN This field is deprecated and should not being used.
canSubmit BOOLEAN Can the user submit to this evaluation?
canViewPrivateSubmissionStatusAnnotations BOOLEAN Can the user view private Annotations on SubmissionStatuses for this evaluation?
canEditSubmissionStatuses BOOLEAN Can the user update SubmissionStatuses for this evaluation?
canDeleteSubmissions BOOLEAN Can the user view delete Submissions from this evaluation?
ownerPrincipalId INTEGER The principal ID of the evaluation's owner (i.e. the evaluation's 'createdBy')