An Evaluation is the core object of the Evaluation API, used to support collaborative data analysis challenges in Synapse.

Field Type Description
id STRING The unique immutable ID for this Evaluation.
etag STRING Synapse employs an Optimistic Concurrency Control (OCC) scheme to handle concurrent updates. The eTag changes every time an Evaluation is updated; it is used to detect when a client's copy of an Evaluation is out-of-date.
name STRING The name of this Evaluation
description STRING A text description of this Evaluation.
ownerId STRING The ID of the Synapse user who created this Evaluation.
createdOn STRING The date on which Evaluation was created.
contentSource STRING The Synapse ID of the Entity to which this Evaluation belongs, e.g. a reference to a Synapse project.
submissionInstructionsMessage STRING Message to display to users detailing acceptable formatting for Submissions to this Evaluation.
submissionReceiptMessage STRING Message to display to users upon successful submission to this Evaluation.
quota SubmissionQuota DEPRECATED: use EvaluationRound APIs instead. No SubmissionQuota will be returned with the Evaluation. Any SubmissionQuotas submitted will be instead be converted into similar EvaluationRounds.