PUT /form/group/{id}/acl

Update the Access Control List (ACL) for a FormGroup.

The following define the permissions in this context:

  • READ - Grants read access to the group. READ does not grant access to FormData of the group.
  • CHANGE_PERMISSIONS - Grants access to update the group's ACL.
  • SUBMIT - Grants access to both create and submit FormData to the group.
  • READ_PRIVATE_SUBMISSION - Grants administrator's access to the submitted FormData, including both FormData reads and status updates. This permission should be reserved for the service account that evaluates submissions.
Users automatically have read/update access to FormData that they create.

Note: The caller must have the CHANGE_PERMISSIONS permission on the identified group to update the group's ACL.

Resource URL


Resource URL Variables
{id} The identifier of the FormGroup.
Resource Information
Authentication Required
Required OAuth Scopes view , modify
Request Object AccessControlList
Response Object AccessControlList