PUT /file/multipart/{uploadId}/add/{partNumber}

After the contents of part have been uploaded or copied with the PUT to the part pre-signed URL this service is used to confirm the addition of the part to the multipart upload or copy. When uploading a file if the upload part can be found, and the provided MD5 matches the MD5 of the part, the part will be accepted and added to the multipart upload. For a copy this is used only to keep track of the MD5 of each part which is returned as part of the response of the pre-signed URL request and needed to complete the multipart copy.

If add part fails for any reason, the client must re-upload the part and then re-attempt to add the part to the upload.

Resource URL


Resource URL Variables
{uploadId} The unique identifier of the file upload.
{partNumber} The part number to add. Must be a number between 1 and 10,000.
partMD5Hex The MD5 of the uploaded part represented as a hexadecimal string. If the provided MD5 does not match the MD5 of the uploaded part, the add will fail.
Resource Information
Authentication Required
Required OAuth Scopes view , modify
Request Object None
Response Object AddPartResponse