PUT /evaluation/{evalId}/statusBatch

Update multiple SubmissionStatuses. The maximum batch size is 500. To allow upload of more than this maximum, the system supports uploading of a series of batches. Synapse employs optimistic concurrency on the series in the form of a batch token. Each request (except the first) must include the 'batch token' returned in the response to the previous batch. If another client begins batch upload simultaneously, a PRECONDITION_FAILED (412) response will be generated and upload must restart from the first batch. After the final batch is uploaded, the data for the Evaluation queue will be mirrored to the tables which support querying. Therefore uploaded data will not appear in Evaluation queries until after the final batch is successfully uploaded. It is the client's responsibility to note in each batch request (1) whether it is the first batch in the series and (2) whether it is the last batch. (For a single batch both are set to 'true'.) Failure to use the flags correctly risks corrupted data (due to simultaneous, conflicting uploads by multiple clients) or data not appearing in query results.

Note: The caller must be granted the ACCESS_TYPE.UPDATE_SUBMISSION on the specified Evaluation.

Resource URL


Resource URL Variables
{evalId} the ID of the Evaluation to which the SubmissionSatus objects belong.
Resource Information
Authentication Required
Required OAuth Scopes view , modify
Request Object SubmissionStatusBatch
Response Object BatchUploadResponse