POST /principal/available

This call is used to determine if an alias is currently available.

Authentication is not required for this call.

Each value of each AliasType must have a unique string representation. While some AliasTypes allow white-space and punctuation, only letters and numbers contribute to the uniqueness of the alias. Also while an alias can have both upper and lower case letters, the uniqueness test is case-insensitive. Here are some examples:
  • 'foo-bar', 'foo bar', and '' are all the same as 'foobar'
  • 'FooBar' and 'FOOBAR' are the same as 'foobar'
  • 'foo', 'foo1', and 'foo2' are each distinct
Note: This method will NOT reserve the passed alias. So it is possible that an alias, could be available during a pre-check, but then consumed before the caller has a chance to reserve it.

Resource URL

Resource Information
Authentication not required
Required OAuth Scopes view
Request Object AliasCheckRequest
Response Object AliasCheckResponse