POST /file/bulk/async/start

Start an asynchronous job to download multiple files in bulk. This job will generate a zip file that contains each requested file that the caller is authorized to download. The entry for each file in the zip will be in the following format:

{fileHandleId modulo 1000} /{fileHandleId}/{fileName}

Use GET /file/bulk/async/get/{asyncToken} to get both the job status and job results.

Note: There is a one gigabyte limit to the total size of the resulting zip file. When a request is made that exceeds this limit, a zip file will be generated and capped close to the size limit. All files that were not included due to exceeding the limit will be marked accordingly in the results.

Resource URL

Resource Information
Authentication Required
Required OAuth Scopes download
Request Object BulkFileDownloadRequest
Response Object AsyncJobId