POST /download/list/query/async/start

Start an asynchronous job to query the user's download list. This call will return an asyncToken that can be used to monitor the job by calling GET /download/list/query/async/get/{asyncToken}

There are three types of queries that can be run against the user's download list:
requestDetails reponseDetails description
AvailableFilesRequest AvailableFilesResponse Request to get a single page of the files that are available for the user to download from their download list.
FilesStatisticsRequest FilesStatisticsResponse Request to get the statistics about the files on the user's download list.
ActionRequiredRequest ActionRequiredResponse Some files on a user's download list might be unavailable for the user to download. For example, the user might need to accept the terms-of-use associated with a file before they will be able to download the file. Or, the user might need to request permission to download a file from the file's owner. This query response returns a summary of the actions that the user will need to take in order to download one or more files from their download list. file.

Authentication is required. A user can only access their own download list.

Resource URL

Resource Information
Authentication Required
Required OAuth Scopes view
Request Object DownloadListQueryRequest
Response Object AsyncJobId