DELETE /entity/{id}/acl

Delete the Access Control List (ACL) for a given Entity.

By default, Entities such as FileEntity and Folder inherit their permission from their containing Project. For such Entities the Project is the Entity's 'benefactor'. This permission inheritance can be overridden by creating an ACL for the Entity. When this occurs the Entity becomes its own benefactor and all permission are determined by its own ACL.

If the ACL of an Entity is deleted, then its benefactor will automatically be set to its parent's benefactor. The ACL for a Project cannot be deleted.

Note: The caller must be granted ACCESS_TYPE.CHANGE_PERMISSIONS on the Entity to call this method.

Resource URL{id}/acl

Resource URL Variables
{id} The ID of the Entity that should have its ACL deleted.
Resource Information
Authentication Required
Required OAuth Scopes modify
Request Object None
Response Object None